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Check this out, yo!

Long time, no Update!!

Ive been sick the past few days. Im finally starting to feel better and then it has to RAIN! How Fucking sucky!! Well I have Mateo too keep me busy right? I feel like im never going to get him house trained but hes only 3 months and ive read time and time again it could take until they are 6 months to fully potty train them. He's being a wimp today cause its raining. I love him so much tho.

Ive been promoting Madina Lake a lot lately. Ive actually never promoted a band like this before. Its fun. Plus, i love introducing people to smaller bands that are fucking amazing. I love ML. Simple as that. RPI REPRESENT!

Living over here with my mom isnt as bad as i thought it would be. Much less stressful than I was at my aunts. My mom isnt as uptight and bitchy. But dont get me wrong... SHE IS BITCHY, just not as much as my aunt. fa sho. My brother keeps me laughing nonstop. He thinks he "does big things" LOLOLOLOL. Hes the whitest black folk ive ever seen. heh.

Ive been babysitting this past month. I will be glad when Daniel GOES HOME. Only 1 more week.

I really need you to click this linky!

Well, im out.

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